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Preparation for Possible Federal Government Shutdown

General (Ret.) Mark A. Welsh III
Interim President

September 29, 2023

Members of the Aggie Family,

As you may be aware, the possibility of a federal government shutdown is becoming increasingly likely beginning this Sunday, Oct. 1. Our Government Relations (GR) team has been monitoring the issue closely and continues to work with members of Congress and their staff, informing them of the negative impacts that a government shutdown has on university operations, research, and student and campus life. Additionally, GR and other front-line units continue to coordinate closely to determine the possible impacts a shutdown of any significant length may have on the university.

Currently, the university is operating on a normal basis. We will continue using available funds in support of work related to federally funded research contracts and grants. If there is a government shutdown, the initial impacts are anticipated to be minimal. Students receiving federal financial aid should not be affected in the short term, as aid has already been disbursed for the semester.

We have created a single source for updated information on the possible shutdown as it approaches, impacts of the shutdown on Texas A&M should it occur and updates on the efforts to bring it to a conclusion.

  • For all university faculty and staff, please report any potential impacts to you or your work through your leadership and through our feedback mechanism.
  • For all agencies paired with an academic program, please report any potential impacts through your agency leadership team.
  • For students with questions or concerns about a specific situation, please reach out to your academic advisor, Aggie One Stop or any of our other student services support offered through the Division of Student Affairs.

Please visit the Office of Government Relations for the most current information on the possible federal government shutdown. We will keep information updated there. If/when necessary, I will stand up a “rapid response team” with representatives from several entities across campus to address issues that arise over an extended shutdown period. I’m sure you all join me in hoping that doesn’t become necessary! Thank you for all you do for our university, our state, nation and world!

Gig 'em!

General (Ret.) Mark A. Welsh III, Interim President