Aerial view of TAMU

Environmental Policy Endorsement

General (Ret.) Mark A. Welsh III

July 5, 2024

Texas A&M University is committed to sustainable practices that protect our assets; respect the health, safety and well-being of our community; and provide accountability for the natural resources entrusted to us. Our dedication to considering environmental issues "in planning, acquisitions, designs, construction, operations, maintenance and activities" informs how we conduct ourselves daily on campus. As president, I wholeheartedly endorse this policy.

To this end, I have designated Christina Robertson, assistant vice president of Environmental Health and Safety, to work on my behalf with the Sustainability and Environmental Management Committee to ensure that our activities continue to foster environmental issues responsibly. Texas A&M University System Regulation (34.01.03) provides the baseline guidance for those efforts.

Additional information can be found on the Environmental Management section of Texas A&M’s Environmental Health and Safety website.

General (Ret.) Mark A. Welsh III, President