Aerial view of TAMU

Keep Making Us Proud, Ags

General (Ret.) Mark A. Welsh III

May 3, 2024

Members of the Aggie Family,

As we witness the protests unfolding at universities across the nation, I feel it’s important to express my profound appreciation for the commitment to peaceful expression demonstrated by our students here at Texas A&M University.

Against the chaotic backdrop of national discourse, our campus has remained a beacon of civility and respect, largely due to your steadfast adherence to our core values. Your dedication to constructive dialogue and the pursuit of knowledge underscores the essence of what it means to be an Aggie.

While we take pride in the peaceful nature of our demonstrations, we must recognize that our ability to uphold our values is not merely a product of chance, but a result of deliberate choices made by each of us.

Texas A&M's rules on expressive activities are clear and describe how individuals can participate within reasonable time, place and manner restrictions, and without disrupting other university activities. A few key reminders:

  • Those interested in expressive activities can gather in common outdoor areas, provided such conduct remains lawful and does not disrupt classroom learning or the day-to-day operations of the university.
  • If the crowd is going to be larger than 25 people, advance reservation is required.
  • Areas on campus where demonstrations and expressive activities are not permitted include classrooms, residences, university libraries, the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, nuclear reactors and utility buildings.

As you've done over the last few months, I urge each of you to feel comfortable in expressing your strongly held views, to engage in thoughtful dialogue, to listen with empathy to those who might not agree with you and to uphold the principles that define us as an institution. People who can do those things will one day lead our world into a better future. And I’ll be cheering you on.

Six months ago, I sent you a message expressing gratitude for demonstrating to the world what constructive disagreement looks like in an environment where respect is a fundamental principle. Today, I again thank you for your unwavering dedication to those shared values and for recognizing the humanity in those who may have very different views than your own.

Finish strong as you close out the semester, and BTHO finals.

I'm proud of you Ags … Gig 'em!

General (Ret.) Mark A. Welsh III, President