Working Groups

#1: Structure & Focus of the Office of the Provost

Reorganize the Office of the Provost to allow greater focus on academic excellence [modification]: Position title to be Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Working Group Chair: Tim Scott

  • Joe Pettibon Vice President
  • Alicia Dorsey Associate Vice President
  • Paulo Lima-Filho Professor
  • Kristina Ballard Senior Communication Specialist
  • Dave Cairns Department Head
  • Sharon Dormire Associate Dean for UG & GR Programs
  • Julie Harlin Associate Professor (ALEC) and Associate Dean (GAPS)
  • Sam Jefferis Undergraduate Student
  • Simon North Professor and Department Head
  • Tim Powers Chief of Staff
  • Antonietta Quigg Associate Vice President & CAO - GV
  • Indra Reddy Dean
  • B. Don Russell Distinguished Professor
  • Rebecca Burns Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Mark Hussey Interim Vice Chancellor and Dean
  • Heather Wilkinson Professor (Plant Pathology & Microbiology) and Senior Associate Dean (DOF)

#2: Academic Advising

Modification to Current System: College centralized academic advising reporting structures will be utilized with common advising platform and software

Working Group Chair: Tim Scott

  • Ann Kenimer Professor (BAEN) and Interim Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
  • Angie Hill-Price Associate Professor (ETID) and Associate Dean
  • Dave Wentling Director
  • Shannon Deer Clinical Assistant Professor and Interim Associate Dean
  • Chris Cherry Assistant Dean
  • Kelly Essler Director, Academic Advising
  • Henry Huebner Director
  • Heather Ramsey Instructional Associate Professor
  • Alyssa Brigham Program Coordinator II
  • Allison Harms Program Coordinator I
  • Kristy Kulhanek-Stockmoe Manager
  • Juanita Rodriguez Academic Advisor II
  • Lisa Stewart Director Academic Enhancement
  • Amanda Mather Assistant Director
  • Andy Armstrong Director
  • Sherrice King Director
  • Karime Ramos Student
  • Wayne Versaw Professor

#3: Remote Location Elevation

Elevate all remote locations (McAllen, Fort Worth/Dallas, Galveston, Qatar, Houston-HSC-EnMed)

Working Group Chair: Susan Ballabina

  • Randy Brooks Professor of Practice
  • Charity Cavazos Instructional Assistant Professor
  • Nancy Fahrenwald Dean
  • Timothy Jacobs Department Head
  • Sydney Ramon SGA
  • Ed Rister Associate Dean
  • Adolfo Santos Assistant Provost
  • Hassan Bazzi Senior Associate Dean
  • Julie Orzabal Director
  • Jag Grooms Director
  • Steve Griffin Clinical Associate Professor & Associate Dean
  • Dan Roelke Professor and Dept. Head
  • Fred McClure Associate VP

#5: Incorporate Campus Units

Incorporate campus units that fit the mission of Academic and Strategic Collaborations. [modification]: exclude Cushing Library and Music Activity Center, include Public Policy Internship Program, reject that VP for Diversity report to this office.

Working Group Chair: Susan Ballabina

  • Maria Alves Senior Director
  • Costas Georghiades Professor (Engineering) and Senior Associate VP
  • Justin Jeffreys Assistant VP
  • Jonathan Kotinek Program Director
  • Katy Lane Director
  • Stefanie Harris Department Head & Professor
  • Leslie Ruyle Research Scientist
  • Christian Brannstrom Associate Dean & Professor
  • Paul Batista Associate Professor
  • Patrice French Program Manager
  • Ty Buchanan Student
  • Rey Spinelli International Advisory Council
  • Holly Hudson Associate VP
  • Kelli Weatherman Chief of Staff

Early Childhood Sub-Group:

  • Erica Ritter Executive Director
  • Vicki Gibson Executive Director and Owner
  • Michael De Miranda Interim Dean
  • Luke Altendorf Director
  • Hope Gerde Professor
  • Flora Harmon Early Childhood Development
  • Elaine Mendoza Member, Board of Regents

#6: Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention

Create an Office Focused on Improving Recruitment and Retention of Undergraduate Students [modification]: Retention activities will remain in the Provost's Office

Working Group Chair: Susan Ballabina

  • George Nelson 
  • Shannon Deer Interim Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs & Clinical Asst. Professor
  • Tori Davis Diversity Commissioner
  • Elsa Gonzalez Associate Professor
  • Steve Hague Professor
  • Angie Hill-Price Associate Professor
  • Shelley Holliday Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Associate Professor of the Practice
  • Jeff Wilson Associate Director
  • Jerry Peralta Assistant Director
  • Adrian Cornelius President, TAMU Black Former Student Network
  • Jason Mastrogiovanni Executive Director
  • Felipe Hinojosa Associate Professor
  • Eric Watson Associate Director
  • CJ Woods Sr. Associate VP
  • Buzz Refugio Assistant Director of Student Enrollment Services, TAMUG

#7: Community Engagement

Sunset community-focused programs that do not serve the needs of the community and establish new programs to best support the shared mission of TAMU and the state of Texas

Working Group Chair: Susan Ballabina

  • Cady Auckerman Chief of Staff
  • Kevin Barge Professor
  • Tia Crawford Assistant Director, Ldsp & Svc Center
  • Kyle Gammenthaler Lecturer
  • Bill Helwig Yoakum County Attorney
  • Bruce Herbert Director of the Office of Scholarly Communication
  • Cindy Lawley Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic and Outreach Programs/Associate Agency Director for Workforce Development
  • Fatma Marouf Professor of Law and Director of the Immigrant Rights Clinic
  • Lori Teller Clinical Assoc. Professor
  • Jessica Williams Student
  • Rebekka Dudensing Associate VP

#8: Heritage, Culture, and Arts Assets at Texas A&M

Invest in cultural centers: performing arts center, a museum, hospitality center, and campus gardens

Working Group Chair: Susan Ballabina

  • Andrew Acker Vice President for University Advancement
  • Cory Arcak Director and Associate Director
  • Diane Bedford Clinical Associate Professor
  • Trudy Bennett Assistant Department Head
  • Deborah Cowman Executive Director
  • John Crompton College Station City Council Member and Distinguished Professor
  • John Friebele Executive Director
  • Robin Hutchison Clinical Associate Professor
  • Jeffrey Morris Professor
  • Natalie Parks Student Body President and Senior Communication Major
  • Tim Rhea Director
  • Kirk Winemiller University Distinguished Professor and Interim Department Head
  • Jorge Vanegas Professor and Associate Vice President
  • Sheree Boegner BV Arts Council
  • Becky Russell

#9: Formation of College of Arts and Sciences

Combine the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Science, and the College of Geosciences to create new College of Arts and Sciences [additional action]: Align titles of several academic units to be consistent campus-wide

Working Group Chair: Tim Scott

  • Ann Kenimer Professor (BAEN) and Interim Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
  • Carlos Blanton Professor and Department Head
  • Allison Rivera Director of Advising
  • Karen Wooley Distinguished Professor
  • Andrew Klein Professor
  • Janice Epstein Instructional Associate Professor
  • Barbara Bayer Assistant Dean
  • Greyson Gee Student
  • Leroy Dorsey Professor and Associate Dean
  • Claire Katz Professor and Associate Dean of Faculties
  • Bradley Matthews Associate Director
  • Holly Gaede Instructional Professor
  • Jennifer Holle Chief of Staff
  • John August Professor and Dean
  • Gerianne Alexander Professor & Associate Vice President
  • Antonietta Quigg Regents Professor, Sr. Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies and Acting Chief Academic Officer
  • Ionnis Economou Professor (CHEN) and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies
  • Heather Lench Professor and Department Head
  • Daniel Thornton Professor

#10: Visual and Performing Arts School

Establish a School of Visual and Performing Arts with new departments in music, performing arts, and fine arts, and relocate the Department of Visualization to anchor new school. Administrative location in the University will be recommended by the working group.

Working Group Chair: Greg Hartman

  • Felice House Associate Professor and Associate Department Head
  • Tim McLaughlin Associate Professor
  • Christine (Chris) Bergeron Clinical Professor and Director of Dance
  • Martin (Marty) Regan Professor and Head, Performance Studies
  • Tim Rhea Director of Bands and Music Activities
  • Sarah Misemer Professor
  • Alicia Dorsey Associate Vice President
  • Wenping Wang Professor and Dept Head, Visualization
  • Carisa Armstrong Clinical Assoc. Professor
  • Shelley Holliday Assoc. Dean of Faculty Affairs
  • Madison Murrah Former Student
  • William Deigaard Assoc. VP for Enterprise Platforms
  • Andre Thomas Associate Professor of the Practice
  • Robert Ahdieh Professor and Dean
  • James R. Ball, III Associate Professor

#11: Journalism Department

Establish a Department of Journalism [modification]: Administrative Structure of the program will be recommended by the working group

Working Group Chair: Tim Scott

  • Karen Butler-Purry Professor (ECEN) and Associate Provost and Dean
  • Barbara Gastel Professor & Coordinator, Science & Technology Journalism Graduate Program
  • Kim Dooley Professor
  • Kevin Barge Professor
  • Holli Leggette Associate Professor
  • Angelique Gammon Associate Professor of Practice
  • Jon Heidtke Former Student
  • Carol Pauli Instructional Associate Professor
  • Carol Austin Snowden Former student
  • Bill Toler Former student
  • Andy Richardson Associate Athletic Director
  • Kelly Brown Associate Vice President
  • Michaela Rush News editor for The Battalion
  • Myranda Campanella Editor-in-Chief for The Battalion
  • Douglas Pils Staff Advisor to The Battalion
  • Brady Stone Undergraduate student
  • Dale Rice Instructional Associate Professor
  • Michael Reilly Director
  • Loren Steffy Former Student
  • Matthew Watkins Former Student
  • Sandra Williams Associate Registrar

#12: Bush School

Elevate and expand the Bush School of Government and Public Service through significant investment and a merger with the Department of Political Science [modification: addition of International Studies to the consolidation]

Working Group Chair: Mark Welsh

  • Maddalena Cerrato Assistant Professor
  • William "Bill" Clark Professor/Dept Head
  • Joe Dillard Asst Dean for Business Services
  • F. Gregory Gause, III Professor/Dept Head
  • Richard J. "Joe" Golsan University Distinguished Professor
  • Stefanie Harris Associate Professor
  • Grant Hawkins Creative Manager
  • Valeria Hinojosa Student
  • Peg Hosea Sr. Administrative Coordinator
  • Michael W. Howell Associate Professor of the Practice
  • Valerie Hudson University Distinguished Professor
  • Wendi Kaspar Professor
  • Emily Kaufman Baumann Academic Advisor
  • Andrea Miranda Student
  • Brandon Morgan Facilities Manager
  • Kedar Pandya Student
  • Daniella Stratta Academic Advisor
  • Lori Taylor Professor/Dept Head
  • Jillian Skaggs Student
  • Matthew Upton Asst Dean, Student/Career Svcs
  • Guy Whitten Professor
  • Steve Oberhelman Interim Dean
  • Doug Thornton Assistant Department Head

#13: Life Sciences Meta-major

Move the undergraduate Biomedical Sciences Program to the new College of Arts and Sciences. Create a new life science meta-major.

Working Group Chair: Tim Scott

  • Patrick Louchouarn Professor (Marine & Coastal Environment Science), Interim Vice Provost
  • Tom McKnight Professor
  • Ramesh Vemalapalli Professor & Dept Head (Veterinary Pathobiology)
  • Mark Zoran Professor & Executive Associate Dean
  • Mary Bryk Associate Professor & Associate Dean
  • Elizabeth Crouch Lecturer & Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
  • Richard Gomer Distinguished Professor
  • James Grau Professor
  • Charles Criscione Professor
  • Andrew Tag Instructional Associate Professor
  • Kevin Curley Instructional Assistant Professor
  • Tamy Frank-Cannon Clinical Assistant Professor
  • James Herman Clinical Professor
  • David Threadgill Distinguished Professor
  • Jean-Philippe Pellois Professor and Associate Head for Graduate Program
  • James Samuel Regents Professor
  • Mohammad Nutan Associate Professor and Interim Director, Program Development
  • Amon Cox Student
  • Lynae Baskin Student
  • Will Bailey Assistant Department Head
  • Leora Hodes Career Counselor
  • Dan Roelke Professor & Department Head (Marine Biology)

#14: University Libraries

[modification]: University Libraries will become a service-oriented unit led by a University Librarian

Working Group Chair: N.K. Anand

  • Maura Ives Professor and Department Head
  • Carlos Blanton Professor and Department Head
  • Diane Chico Instructional Professor and Medical Education Department Head
  • Stephanie Fulton Instructional Professor
  • Lisa Goodman Executive Professor
  • Margaret Ezell Distinguish Professor
  • Violet Johnson Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty
  • Bruce Herbert Professor
  • Stephanie Graves Associate Professor
  • Julie Mosbo Ballestro Interim Dean
  • Beth Chenette Staff
  • Sarah Potvin Associate Professor
  • Peter Lange Associate VP

#15: Texas A&M Health - Admin Organization and Budget Assessment

Implement Texas A&M Health Administrative Organization Structure and Budget Assessment recommendations

Working Group Chair: Jon Mogford

  • José Bermúdez Acting Dean
  • Amy Waer Dean
  • Nancy Fahrenwald Dean
  • Shawn Gibbs Dean
  • Ken Ramos Executive Director
  • Olga Rodriguez AVP & Chief of Staff
  • Jeff Burton VP-Finance

#16: Research at TAMU Health

Improve research organization at TAMU Health

Working Group Chair: Jon Mogford

  • Mark Benden Professor & Department Head
  • Jane Bolin Professor & Associate Dean
  • Ken Ramos Professor & Director
  • Mick Deutz Professor
  • Allison Ficht Professor & Sr. Associate VP for Research
  • Axel M Hook Professor
  • Mansoor Khan Professor & Vice Dean
  • Rajesh Miranda Professor
  • Robin Page Assistant Professor
  • Tiffany Radcliff Professor & Associate Dean for Research
  • Jay Treat Director
  • Jack Baldauf (or designee) Professor and Interim Vice President for Research
  • Gang Han Associate Professor

#17: Reassign the University Studies degree programs

Create a new unit, Interdisciplinary Programs, to house University Studies, Biomedical Sciences, Transition Academic Programs, and other interdisciplinary degree programs.

Working Group Chair: Tim Scott

  • Patrick Louchouarn Professor (Marine & Coastal Environment Science), Interim Vice Provost
  • Arthur Watson Executive Director
  • Carisa Armstrong Clinical Associate Professor
  • Hart Blanton Professor and Department Head
  • Ashley Corn Advisor of UNST
  • Dalvin Dunn PhD Student in Higher Ed Administration
  • Leslie Feigenbaum Senior Lecturer
  • Patrick Williams Assistant Director
  • Ximena Paéz-Colasate Associate Dir. Genetics
  • Joan Wolf Associate Professor
  • David Stelly Professor
  • Helena MacCrossan Undergraduate Student
  • Lucas Macri Professor & Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs
  • Maria C. Escobar-Lemmon Professor, Associate Dean
  • Nancy Plankey Videla Associate Professor
  • Brendan Roark Associate Professor & Director of Environmental Programs
  • Sara Thigpin Director of Undergraduate Programs
  • Liz Nyman Assistant Professor
  • Adam Seipp Professor & Associate Dean, Graduate and Professional School

#18: Small Animal Teaching Hospital Research Facility

Refocus the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences on the core mission of graduate education and invest in the construction of a new Small Animal Teaching Hospital.

Working Group Chair: John August

  • Jonathan Levine Department Head, Professor & the Helen McWhorter Chair in Small Animal Clinical Sciences
  • Stacy Eckman Associate Dean of Hospital Operations & Chief Executive Officer
  • Karen Cornell Associate Dean for the DVM Professional Program, Interim Director for Diversity & Inclusion & the Earline & A.P. Wiley Endowed Veterinary Chair
  • Michael Criscitiello Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
  • Sara Lawhon Professor
  • Joerg Steiner University Distinguished Professor & Mark Morris Chair of Gastroenterology and Nutrition
  • Ramesh Vemulapalli Department Head & Professor in Veterinary Pathobiology
  • Bill Murphy Assistant Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
  • Heather Quiram CVMBS Director of Facilities
  • Suprena Bennett Assistant Dean for Hospital Administration
  • Larry Walker Senior Director of Development for the CVMBS
  • Misty Skaggs Chief of Staff to the Dean
  • Mike McShane James J. Cain Professor II and Head, Affiliated Faculty, Materials Science & Engineering
  • Amy Waer Dean
  • Laura Rey Medical Sciences Librarian
  • Penny Riggs Associate Vice President for Research
  • Yolanda Veals Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration

#19A: Consolidate Health Education in the School of Public Health

Consolidate the Department of Health and Kinesiology in the School of Public Health, including clinical research associated with the Department of Health and Kinesiology [Health Education Division only]. Move the Technology Management Degree Program to the Department of Engineering Technology

Working Group Chair: Jon Mogford

  • Adam Barry Professor & Interim Head
  • Michael de Miranda Dean
  • Shawn Gibbs Dean
  • Tamika Gilreath Associate Professor
  • Jennifer Griffith Instructional Professor and Associate Dean
  • Lisako McKyer Professor & Senior Associate Dean
  • John O'Neill Assistant Dean
  • Christopher Owens Assistant Professor
  • Joe Pettibon Vice President for Enrollment and Academic Services
  • Francis Thomas Instructional Professor
  • James Woosley Instructional Professor
  • Rhonda Rahn Clinical Associate Professor
  • Kelly Freeman Business Manager

#19B: Technology Mangement Degree to ETID

Consolidate the Department of Health and Kinesiology in the School of Public Health, including clinical research associated with the Department of Health and Kinesiology. Move the Technology Management Degree Program to the Department of Engineering Technology

Working Group Chair: N.K. Anand and Ed Pierson

  • Angie Hill-Price Professor and Associate Dean
  • David Sweeney Adjunct Faculty
  • Adam Mikeal Director of IT Policy, Risk, Identity & Data Management
  • Reza Langari Professor and Department Head
  • Mary Alfred Professor and Interim Department Head
  • Malini Natarajarathinam Associate Professor
  • Valerie Balester Exec Director - Academic Success Center
  • Bin Mai Associate Professor
  • Wei Zhan Professor

#20: “High Impact Practice” (HIP) services

Reorganize Student Affairs and expand student “High Impact Practice” (HIP) services.

Working Group Chair: BG Joe E. Ramirez, Jr.

  • Alexey Belyanin Professor & Associate Department Head
  • Jack Corrales Student
  • Amanda Galindo Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
  • Justin Jeffery Assistant Vice President
  • Jason Mastrogiovanni Executive Director
  • Kyle McCracken Senior Associate Director
  • Cole Murphy Student
  • Staci Rende Student
  • Shelia Rivera Professor of the Practice
  • Rebecca Schlegel Professor
  • Andrew Shelnutt Former Student
  • Meredith Simpson Assistant Commandant
  • Jennifer Wells Student
  • Samantha Wilson Executive Director
  • Edis T. Oliver Former Student

#21: Student Organization Management

Align student organization management practices to ensure transparency and accountability.

Working Group Chair: BG Joe E. Ramirez, Jr.

  • Josh Brown Interim Director
  • Vicki Dobiyanski Associate Vice President
  • David Dunlap Former Student
  • Cullen Epright Student
  • Nicholas Farmer Student
  • Tom Fitzhugh Former Student
  • Matthew Francis Student
  • Nancy Hutchins Clinical Assistant Professor & Director
  • Katy King Assistant Director
  • Glennon Mays Clinical Professor
  • Natalie Parks Student
  • Tyler Sellers Assistant Director
  • Seth Sullivan Program Director
  • Meredith Simpson Assistant Commandant
  • Sarah Jaks Associate Program Director

#22: Student Health Services

Integrate Student Health Services and Counseling and Psychological Services into Texas A&M Health and establish a dedicated unit to focus on providing holistic student health.

Working Group Chair: Greg Hartman

  • Amy Waer, MD Dean
  • Joan B. Wolf Associate Professor
  • Iman Ahmed Student
  • Mary Ann Covey Director
  • Cindy Weston Associate Dean for Clinical Outreach/Associate Professor
  • Asim Abu-Baker Associate Dean for Clinical and Professional Affairs
  • Martha Dannenbaum, MD Director of Student Health Services
  • Patricia K. Watson. MD Head of Department of Humanities in Medicine
  • Jon Mogford Chief Operating Officer

#23: TAMU Facilities Management

Restructure of Facilities, Operations/Safety and Security to include all facilities services under new centralized structure

Working Group Chair: Stephen Franklin

  • Andy Deuel Manager, Facilities
  • Steve Laube Associate Director
  • Patrick Munoz Facilities Coordinator III
  • Scot Obergefell Assoc. Athletic Dir, Facilities & Ops
  • Heather Quiram Director
  • James Rainer Assistant Director
  • Jim Smith Director
  • Brad Urbanczyk Assistant Director
  • Les Williams Director
  • Clint Willis Project Manager III
  • Jerod Wilson Associate Director
  • Patrick Suermann Department Head
  • Olga Rodriquez Chief of Staff & Associate VP

#24: Campus Planning, Development & Construction

Create a new division of Facilities Planning and Construction (FPC) that allows for an expanded, strategic planning and construction unit.

Working Group Chair: Stephen Franklin

  • John Clark Associate Director
  • David DeLeon Director
  • Kevin Hurley Sr. Associate Athletic Director
  • Peter Lange Associate VP
  • Steve Laube Associate Director
  • Daniel McGuire Associate Vice Chancellor
  • James Rainer Assistant Director
  • Les Williams Director
  • Scott Fuller Associate VP
  • Ben Sasse Manager, Facilities & Construction

#25: Facilities Analytics and Mapping (FAM)

Create a Division of Facility Information Systems to maintain information in support of TAMU operations [Modification: Rename Division]

Working Group Chair: Stephen Franklin

  • Rusty Carter Manager, Facilities Analyst
  • Andy Deuel Manager, Facilities
  • Eric Irwin Geospatial Specialist I
  • Daniel Goldberg Associate Professor
  • Brad Hollas Director
  • Rob Meyer Supervisor
  • Micky Wong IT Manager IV

#26: Centralize Financial and Business Services

Centralize financial/business services under the Chief Financial Officer

Working Group Chair: John Crawford

  • Randy Birdwell Associate Professor of the Practice
  • Barbara Bayer Assistant Dean
  • Jeff Burton Vice President and CFO
  • Phillip Guillen Director, IT Finance and Admin
  • Duane Ireland Interim Dean
  • Tom Reber Executive Associate VP
  • Annette Shenkir Associate VP
  • Jeff Toole CFO
  • John McCall AVP & Controller
  • Emily Weers Executive Director
  • Rosalie Nickles Assistant Dean for Finance & Admin
  • Gary Lucas Senior Associate Dean

#27: Financial Process Improvement

Identify inefficiencies within interal workflow processes

Working Group Chair: John Crawford

  • Ronald Carter Assistant Department Head (Chemistry)
  • Joe Dillard Assistant Dean for Finance
  • Jane Schneider Associate VP
  • Kenneth Kimball Director
  • Adam Kolasinski Associate Professor
  • Chris Novosad Assistant Dean
  • Crissy Stratta Associate Executive Director
  • Cari Tawney Director
  • Kristin Nace Assistant VP
  • Doug Sweet Associate Director, MSC
  • Clint Merritt Executive Director
  • Dean Endler Assistant VP for Finance
  • Cheryl Hanks Assoc VP

#28: Establishing a Performance Analytics Culture

Implement a matrix management structure to leverage Financial Services by integrating Academic Affairs’ Business Services, Data and Research Services, and Enrollment Management

Working Group Chair: Joe Pettibon

  • Pam Canon Associate Director
  • Alicia Dorsey Associate Vice President
  • Nick Duffield Director & Professor
  • Kyle Foster Financial Analyst III
  • Rachel Krolczyk Director of Data Services
  • Peter Lange Associate Vice President
  • Heather Lench Department Head
  • Jessica Li Manager - Business Services
  • Gary Lucas Senior Associate Dean
  • Sarah McLaughlin Senior Business Administrator
  • Michelle Mitchell Assistant Dean of Finance
  • Darby Roberts Director of Student Life Studies
  • Annette Shenkir Associate Vice President
  • Emily Weers Executive Director
  • Deborah Wright Associate Vice President

#29: Gift Oversight

Establish a new centralized system for shared oversight of endowment funded expenditures and stewardship-related activities with the Texas A&M Foundation [modification]: these processes should apply to all endowment and gift accounts.

Working Group Chair: Andy Acker

  • Julie Anderson Development Relations Coordinator
  • Ashley Bryant Development Relations Coordinator
  • Adriana Burnett Business Coordinator III
  • Stephen Cisneros Asst Vice President
  • Delisa Falks Asst Vice President for Scholarships & Financial Aid
  • Katie Giordano Senior Business Administrator II
  • Jennifer Holle Assistant to the Dean
  • John Huser CFO, Texas A&M Foundation
  • Cliff Lamb Professor & Department Head and Acting Director
  • Michelle Mitchell Asst Dean for Finance
  • Jason Penry Associate Vice President
  • Peter Siegel Associate Director, Scholarships
  • Marcy Ullman Director of Scholarship Programs
  • Harry Hogan Professor and Senior Associate Dean

#30: Vet Med Research Grants and Facilities

Shift the research administrative management of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences research grants and facilities to AgriLife exclusively [modification]: working group will determine which facilities will be reassigned to AgriLife

Working Group Chair: Jack Baldauf

  • Michael Criscitiello Professor and Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
  • Cliff Lamb Professor & Department Head and Acting Director
  • Steve Canon Manager, Livestock Operations
  • Matt Fry Associate Vice President
  • Stacie Grange Business Administrator I
  • Julie Bishop Associate Executive Director, SRS
  • Jennifer Fridley Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Penny Riggs Associate Professor and Associate Vice President for Research
  • Susan Gater Associate Biological Safety Officer and Responsible Official
  • Henry Fadamiro Professor, Associate Dean, Associate Director and Chief Scientific Officer
  • Ivan Rusyn Professor and PI
  • Heather Quiram Director of Facilities
  • Clare Gill Professor and Executive Associate Dean and Associate Dean for Research
  • David Stelly Professor

#31: One Stop Human Resources Service Center

Reorganize Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness into a one-stop human resources service center

Working Group Chair: Damon Slaydon

  • Barbara Bayer Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
  • Bari Brookins Program Manager for Academic Success
  • Kristen Brown Associate Athletic Director/Administration
  • Kelly Ervin Manager, Business
  • Tonya Foster Manager, Business
  • Luke McCabe Business Administrator II
  • Tom Reber Executive Associate Vice President
  • Colleen Sisco Assistant Director, Financial Aid
  • Kim Syptak Business Administrator II - HR/Payroll
  • Kim Williamson Director - HR and Administrative Operations
  • Janice Epstein Instructional Associate Professor

#32: Employee Cross Training

Provide cross-training for employees

Working Group Chair: Damon Slaydon

  • Hillary Barth Business Coordinator III
  • Lesley Bell Associate Executive Director
  • David Brown Systems Administrator IV
  • Adriana Burnett Business Coordinator III
  • Stacy Cohn Business Administrator I - HR/Payroll
  • Kevin Gustavus Sr. Business Administrator I
  • Sarah McLaughlin Sr. Business Administrator I
  • Edward Mora Business Coordinator II
  • Sheila Rivera Professor of the Practice
  • Jacqueline Turner Research Specialist II

#33: Liaison Network Centralization

Eliminate the HR Liaison Network

Working Group Chair: Damon Slaydon

  • Viviene Crooks Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration
  • Joe Dillard Assistant Dean
  • Emily Dotson Business Coordinator I
  • Andrea Johannes Associate Director
  • Janet Kosh Business Administrator II
  • Jessica Lennerton Business Coordinator III
  • Shauna Ramos Business Administrator I
  • Cari Tawney Director
  • Thomas Vasquez Business Coordinator III
  • Renee Weidemann Business Administrator II
  • Dawn Yeargan-Stutt Program Specialist II

#34: Succession Planning

Invest in succession planning and talent management

Working Group Chair: Damon Slaydon

  • Sharon Alderete Assistant Director
  • Kristina Ballard Sr. Communications Specialist
  • Mitchell Bausch Project Coordinator II
  • Megan De Los Santos Business Administrator II
  • William Deigaard Associate Vice President
  • Michael Dewsnap Instructional Assistant Professor
  • Sara Galow Business Coordinator II
  • Kristen Harrell Assistant Vice President
  • Tom Owen Sr. Organizational Development Consultant
  • Lansa Stevens Senior Business Administrator
  • Ben Welch Clinical Professor
  • Tracy Hammond Professor and Director, Institute for Engineering Education and Innovation
  • Anthony Cahill Associate Professor

#35: Consolidate IT

Consolidate Information Technology

Working Group Chair: Ed Pierson

  • Jean-Luc Guermond Professor
  • Daniel Jimenez Professor
  • Bertin Ortega Instructional Associate Professor
  • Dwayne Whitten Clinical Professor
  • Deborah Thomas Professor and Dean of Geosciences
  • Catharina Laporte Instructional Associate Professor
  • Kathy Leath HR Manager
  • Sarah Curylo Executive Assistant
  • Chelsea Franks Finance analyst
  • Anna Transue Manager, Communications
  • Agatha Alonso Manager
  • Daniel Roberts Director
  • Aaron Brender Director
  • Andy Bland Executive Director
  • Jim Rosser Director
  • Kris Guye Executive Director
  • John Kovacevich Director
  • Aaron Rodriguez Manager
  • Casey Bryan Director

#36: Help Desk and Ticketing System

Establish a university-wide Help Desk and ticketing system

Working Group Chair: Ed Pierson

  • Caleb Kicklighter Lecturer
  • Mitch Wittneben Assoc. Director
  • William Posey Director
  • Jon Griffey Assoc. Director
  • Darvis Griffin Director
  • Blake Caron Manager
  • Brenda Hayes Manager
  • Michael Crocker Manager
  • Garrett Hodsdon IT Professional
  • Joyce Allen Manager
  • Nicole Pottberg Executive Director
  • Stephanie Thompson Assistant Director
  • Lori Bienski Sr. Administrative Coordinator
  • Joseph Zatopek Manager
  • Serge Razafindrakoto Director
  • Jill Hughson Manager

#37: Cybersecurity

Prioritize cybersecurity to ensure campus services are not compromised

Working Group Chair: Ed Pierson

  • Jorge Alvarado Professor
  • Dilma Da Silva Professor
  • Michael Sardaryzadeh CISO
  • Dominic Dertatevasio Director
  • Justin Ellison Manager
  • Nick Mclarty Deputy CISO
  • Kyle Page Director
  • Paul Wiggins Manager
  • Andrew Stokes Assistant Director & Information Security Officer
  • Jody Harrison Associate Director
  • Keith Wicker ISO
  • Cynthia Billington Interim Director

#38: Project Managers

Utilize project managers

Working Group Chair: Ed Pierson

  • Adam Mikeal Director of IT Policy, Risk, Identity & Data Management
  • Carl Ivey Manager
  • Tiffany Wade Manager
  • Dewey Clanton Software Developer
  • Mitchell Bausch Project Coordinator
  • James Kimrey Manager
  • Morgan Hammond Manager
  • Sharon Mainka Chief of Staff
  • Meghan Southerland Assistant Director
  • Jana McDonald Assistant Director
  • Arthur Oakley Project Manager
  • Tod Wisner Project Manager
  • Jennifer Hutchinson Director
  • David Brown Systems Administrator

#39: Centralize MarCom

Centralize marketing and communications across the university

Working Group Chair: Marilyn Martell

  • Sondra White Director, Marketing & Communications
  • Robyn Blackmon Director, Communications and Public Relations
  • Jocelyn Widmer Assistant Provost, Academic Innovation & Online
  • Cady Auckerman Chief of Staff 
  • Lacey Baze Director of Communications
  • Cliff Smith Senior Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Kate Downing Director, Communications and External Relations 
  • Blake Parrish Director, Marketing, Communications and Public Relations
  • Michael Thompson Deputy Athletics Director for External Relations & Business Development

#40: Marketing & Branding Guidelines

Clarify university marketing and branding guidelines, training processes, and a mechanism for enforcement of those guidelines.

Working Group Chair: Marilyn Martell

  • Laura Root Director, Creative
  • Wendy Herrick Graphic Design Manager
  • Karen Humphreys Manager, Creative
  • Grant Hawkins Manager, Creative
  • Audrey Pena Graphic Designer

#41: Digital Presence & Contracts

Streamline digital presence and contracts.

Working Group Chair: Marilyn Martell

  • Lacey Baze Director, Communications
  • Jason Whisenant Director, Communications
  • Diane Oswald Director, Communications
  • Erick Beck Director, IT
  • Kenneth Johnson Assistant Director, Marketing- Development Strategy and Initiatives