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Office of the President


Dr. Mark Hussey

It is an honor and privilege to serve as interim president of Texas A&M.

More young people want to attend Texas A&M than ever before, and they come from more diverse backgrounds. Our faculty have propelled many of our academic programs to rankings among the best in the country. We are benefiting from more than $800 million in new construction and enhancements to existing facilities. We continue to be recognized by our peer institutions and employers continue to seek out our graduates.

As a two-time Aggie graduate and long-time faculty member, now serving as vice chancellor and dean of agriculture and life sciences, I am keenly aware of Texas A&M's numerous and distinguished contributions to scientific understanding, our outreach that touches lives in each of our state’s 254 counties, and the rich history and traditions that set us apart.

I am proud to be affiliated with one of the nation’s great land-grant institutions, which provides an excellent education at a reasonable cost and conducts research that improves the lives of people in Texas and far beyond.

As interim president, I pledge to promote our status as one of the nation's top research universities and focus on our core university values. 

Mark A. Hussey