Aerial view of TAMU

Halfway Through and Going Strong


October 8, 2020

Dear Aggies,

Week 8. You did it! This week is officially the halfway point in the semester and our campuses remain open and operational, with in-person and remote classes.

We are here thanks to a tremendous amount of hard work, planning, logistics, subject matter expertise, and students, faculty, staff and community leaders who have lived the Aggie core value of selfless service in pulling together to take care of each other.

Plans for December in-person graduation ceremonies were announced this week, as well as February and March 2021 dates for the May and August 2020 postponed ceremonies. Go to for more information and to stay apprised.

To be sure, we have more work to do to stay as healthy as possible in the wake of this virus and as flu season begins. Get your flu shot with Student Health Services or from your own provider. If called to test by the Random Testing Program, please respond right away - it's working to help us to identify hotspots to quickly address and protect each other.

Let's B.T.H.O. Florida this weekend at Kyle Field. Wear a mask. Stay distanced. And yell for the Aggies!

Congratulations on meeting this milestone. Stay vigilant.

Thanks and Gig 'em,

Michael K. Young