Aerial view of TAMU

Welcome back, staff!


August 27, 2018

Dear valued staff,

As the fall semester begins, I wish to thank you for your continual hard work and support for our institution throughout the year.

We are so grateful to have talented and dedicated staff members like you contributing your best efforts for Texas A&M not only here College Station, but also at our branch campuses in Galveston and Qatar, Texas A&M School of Law in Ft. Worth, Health Science Center locations throughout Texas, and our newest location, the Higher Education Center at McAllen, Texas.

Whether or not you work with students directly, what you do each and every day impacts the Aggie experience.

Your varied expertise is critical to our operations – from administrative assistants, communications experts, academic advisors, police officers and everything between, please know that your work matters.

Texas A&M's continued growth in becoming a global leader in higher education is due in large part to the excellent services you all are providing.

Your dedication to living and sharing the Aggie core values with students is vital to our mission of producing citizens of substance.

I truly hope each of you have an enjoyable academic year and again, thank you.

Warm regards,

Mike Young