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We must be vigilant in addressing and confronting what drives hate speech


July 1, 2019

It saddens me to address our Texas A&M University community about racist remarks made by two students in a 37-second social media video that went viral over the weekend. This behavior is abhorrent and against the core values that we share and to which we aspire in all we do, including those of respect, excellence and integrity.

The importance of inclusion and diversity at Texas A&M can’t be overstated. As a leading institution of higher education, we are the vanguard in effecting positive change. We are called upon to lead our communities and make a difference. This change is essential in our ability to thrive and grow as our world diversifies around us. We must respond with the essential core value of respect in all that we do.

This incident will be investigated through the Student Conduct office. While outcomes are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and cannot be made public by the University, those found responsible will be held accountable.

We must be vigilant in addressing and confronting what drives hate speech and prejudice. This starts with each of us in the Aggie community calling out this behavior. Reports can be filed at Stop Hate, which is a way for Texas A&M to review such incidents and take necessary action. Our additional efforts can be seen on the website for our Office for Diversity.

Throughout our campus, there are so many Aggies representing the best of who we are in serving, loving and respecting each other. Incidents like this hit us at our core. To be clear, those who champion those beliefs represented in this video are not welcomed at Texas A&M University.       

Please respect and take care of each other. Mentor new and returning members of our community to do the same.                 

Michael K. Young