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We are All Aggies


November 16, 2016

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

Some of you have expressed concern about protection of students regardless of race, religious preferences, sexual orientation, and/or immigration status in light of the recent election. We want to take the opportunity to reiterate that one of our mandates has been and continues to be just that – to facilitate a supportive, secure learning environment where a diverse student body, faculty and staff can work optimally towards their pursuit of world class education and research in preparing students for their future.

There will continue to be differences in ideology and perspectives in keeping with the freedom we are afforded in our country. At the same time, it is up to every student, faculty and staff member (including you who are reading this now) to personally display our core values – respect, excellence, leadership, loyalty, integrity, service - in all that we do. This cannot be driven from the top down which would be impossible to oversee at every instance; It is to be adopted by all who join this community to treat others with respect, to refrain from disparaging remarks, to enter into productive dialogs as is the case with those faculty and students who have reached out to us in respectful ways about this very issue.

We have reports of inappropriate, disparaging comments from students to others who pass by; of offensive signage; of individuals and groups from all sides of an issue aggressive in their actions, including interrupting the daily business of the university and the learning environment as a whole. I encourage you to revisit the Expressive Activities regulations.

Regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation or immigration status – Those who are here as enrolled students, faculty and staff are legitimately here. We will do everything within our power to ensure that these and all of our students, faculty and staff, remain full members of our academic community. Aggies take care of Aggies. To that end, we have received specific suggestions by a group of faculty and students that the Provost office is reviewing with follow-up communications in December. We encourage input to faculty, deans, staff leaders, and my office as well to

We are happy to report that respect, even in instances of disagreement, still outweighs adversity on our campus. And yet any inappropriate action is one too many. Addressing the gaps to excellence will continue to be part of our remit to allow our mission of education, research and preparation of students for the world. Please be kind to each other – that is the Aggie way.

President Michael K. Young and Provost Karan Watson