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Transforming Employee and Leadership Development


August 7, 2020

Howdy Faculty and Staff,

Today we announce exciting work transforming how we develop Texas A&M employees.

This is part of a larger, multi-year shaping plan in support of our 2020-2025 strategic planning goals to:

  • Make Texas A&M a best place to live, work and learn;
  • Strengthen the leadership competencies of staff, faculty, administrators;
  • Develop the next generation of future leaders with the competencies needed to lead and manage the institution in the 21st century; and
  • Enhance the learning and development of every employee at this institution.

The Texas A&M University leadership development framework is multi-tiered competency-based leadership development for the following target audiences:

  • “Leading Self” is for all employees on the basis you do not have to be a supervisor or manager to be a leader at Texas A&M.
  • “Leading Others” is for those who formally or informally supervise others.
  • “Leading the Function” is for experienced leaders who lead other managers or senior level employees.
  • “Leading the Organization” is for those in senior leadership positions.

After a successful pilot and much evidenced-based research, Leading Others is the first to launch.

Stay tuned for more announcements from Dr. Jeff Risinger, Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness, on these great programs, including the next Leading Others cohort.

Visit and their latest evaluation report to learn more about what we are doing to transform employee development, the shaping plan, progress thus far and what is coming next.

Leadership is a core value of Texas A&M, and we look forward to supporting you in strengthening leadership competencies and amplifying employee learning and development.

Michael K. Young