Aerial view of TAMU

Thanking Our Staff


April 19, 2019


Next week the entire university community has the opportunity to show our gratitude during Staff Appreciation Week for the tremendous work our staff does at Texas A&M University. I want to thank our staff here in College Station as well as the other locations around the world for their efforts today and every day. It cannot be said often enough. Your work is not only highly valued, but instrumental in achieving the amazing things we do.

More than 10,000 staff members, including everyone from police officers and IT specialists, to administrative assistants, academic advisors and coaches, work tirelessly to keep us safe and informed, make sure our campuses are clean and beautiful, help our students and faculty to succeed, keep us connected and engaged, and so much more.

I encourage staff to enjoy the variety of activities next week, beginning with the President's Meritorious Service Awards on Monday, the highest honor that is bestowed upon staff for extraordinary service and dedication to the university.

I know our managers will allow ample flexibility for staff to attend appreciation events. And I know all of us, students and faculty members alike, will take the time to identify and thank those staff members who are helping all of us, each and every day to achieve our goals.

Again, my sincere thanks to our outstanding staff members for the excellent work you do in service to our beloved university.

With warmest regards, 
Michael K. Young