Aerial view of TAMU

State Employee Charitable Campaign


TO: Texas A&M University Faculty and Staff

SUBJECT: State Employee Charitable Campaign

Colleagues and Friends,

We have an incredible opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of many Brazos Valley residents through the annual State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC), which kicks off today and lasts through October 31st.

The participating charities and agencies meet strict eligibility standards established by the State Legislature, so you can be sure that your gift will be used wisely toward one of the many organizations that best addresses your unique concerns. I am very proud of the staff and faculty participation last year, and I encourage each unit to set even greater goals for the coming months. It is encouraged that you donate online through the Texas A&M University System Single Sign on (SSO) webpage,  Please select the SECC Enrollment link. 

This year's theme is “Give Today to Change Tomorrow.”  I believe in the potential we each have to change the world around us, and I am grateful this university has the opportunity to contribute to SECC 2016 through the great efforts of the Texas A&M University System and SECC Texas. I hope you consider participating across campus by leaving a meaningful impact in our community and beyond.

Warm Regards,