Aerial view of TAMU

Standing up to Racism


June 11, 2020

Dear Aggies, 

Our leadership team is aware of heart-wrenching stories posted by Aggies who have experienced racism first-hand on our campus. Your stories are painful but important for us to read and, of course, we know that they are much more painful for you to experience and share.

The best way to reveal and stop the ugliness of racism is not to sweep it under the rug, but to shine a light on it, and to address it head on. We see you. We hear you. And, on behalf of the leadership team, I deeply regret that members of the university community have failed you in these circumstances.

Among many actions that are necessary, Texas A&M will launch a bystander intervention training in development, updating it with the latest information and resources, in time for the fall semester. This training specifically addresses the real issue of racism and our campus. Of course, we know that more actions are required.

Aggies, be kind to each other. Sit down with someone who doesn’t look like you or sound like you to learn about their experiences. Be welcoming. And - by all means - stand up for what is right.

Michael K. Young