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Response to White House Executive Order Travel Ban


January 30, 2017

Texas A&M University for decades has welcomed students, faculty and staff from countries around the globe. This is a core tenet of who we are and has enhanced our academic excellence immeasurably. The recent news of a travel ban issued by the White House regarding seven countries – Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen - has understandably ignited concerns within our university community.

All Texas A&M students, faculty and staff from these (and other countries, for that matter) are here permissibly. We have, over the weekend and continue to do so today, reached out to those we know to be affected. Attorneys within the Texas A&M System are assisting us in identifying helpful resources that can be made available to those affected. Until we know more information, we advise that students, faculty and staff from the countries named remain in the United States until the completion of their programs or until they plan to move to their home country permanently. We will continue to monitor the situation.

For any students, faculty and/or staff who may be delayed in travel to the U.S. because of the current situation, we will work with them to ensure that they may continue their work remotely uninterrupted. We are also working with our congressional delegation for assistance so that everyone affected by this order can continue their work without disruption or delay.

Students in need of immediate assistance should contact Bill Taylor, Director of the Office of International Student Services for Texas A&M, at

Faculty and staff in need of immediate assistance should contact Mario Rojo del Busto, Director of the Office of Immigration Services for Faculty and Scholars at

Finally, and most importantly, we are Aggies united—inclusive of nationality, cultural identity, age, gender identity or expression, physical ability, political ideology, racial and ethnic identity, religious and spiritual identity, sexual orientation, and social and economic status—so please respect each other, stay informed, and support each other as Aggies do!


Michael K. Young