Aerial view of TAMU

Living Our Core Values


November 10, 2016

Dear Texas A&M University Community,

A central purpose of education in a democracy is to prepare future citizens who engage thoughtfully and productively for the good of their communities. Public universities have a particular responsibility to help build students’ capacity for civil dialogue and respectful exchange. Texas A&M University’s 140-year-history is filled with the stories of many people who have worked together—even with those with whom they may disagree—to meet the world’s challenges.

Our core values—especially those of respect and leadership—ask of us to rise above our differences, allow for a variety of voices in the conversation, and recognize that genuine respect for one another is essential not just for our personal lives but for our ability to work together effectively. No one in our university community should ever feel disrespected. Let us be the model for active and constructive dialogue. Aggies must lead the way. Teamwork, no matter the size of the team, is hard work. Though the path to cooperation may not always be smooth, we must listen to each other, value each other’s perspectives, and above all respect each other with dignity and honor.

Michael K. Young