Aerial view of TAMU

Grateful To Our Veterans, Today And Every Day


November 11, 2020

A century ago, our nation marked the first anniversary of the announcement of Armistice Day, which we know today as Veterans Day.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, millions of people paused their lives and their activities. In small towns and large cities, Americans joined together to commemorate the moment when the Allies signed the historic agreement that brought an end to "the Great War." In communities across the country, the service and the sacrifice of the faithful and the fallen were honored with parades and tributes.

At Texas A&M, 1920 also marked an important moment in our service to those who have served our nation. During that year, the university welcomed more than 300 soldiers with disabilities who enrolled in college courses. Texas A&M even hired five new instructors for those who needed special teaching or training in order to succeed.

Although a century has passed since we embraced the wounded warriors of World War I, we remember all of the Aggies across the decades who have brought great honor to our nation. Through their bravery and their boldness they have served as troops on the ground, in squadrons of the air, on ships at sea and through diplomatic and intelligence efforts across the globe. In their own way, they have defended our freedom and championed liberty, waging war when necessary and paving the path to peace.

We hold in our hearts those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and we hold in highest esteem the many Aggies who have safely returned home to shape and sustain our campuses and communities. We are very proud we now enroll more than 1,200 student veterans and over 2,800 family members of veterans.

On this important day of remembrance, please join me in recognizing our valiant veterans for the extraordinary impact they have had on our individual lives and the life of our nation. And remember to express your eternal gratitude for their contributions, their sacrifices and their selfless service.


Michael K. Young