Aerial view of TAMU

A Night to Remember

Dear Faculty, Staff, Students and the 500,000-strong Aggie Network:

What a wonderful honor it was this weekend to help host all five living former U.S. Presidents Carter, Bush 41, Bush 43, Clinton and Obama here in College Station for the One America Appeal concert to raise money for hurricane victims. I am so proud of the staff throughout campus who worked tirelessly in support of this historic event and am proud of the unity, love and selfless service that the event represented in general.

When the Bush Library Foundation announced that tickets were available for sale, they went quickly. If you missed the concert, I encourage you to view some or all of it here.

President Bush 43's kind remarks about our beloved university can be viewed here.

Congratulations also to the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the George H.W. Bush Library Foundation, and the Bush School of Government and Public Service – on celebrating 20 years of leadership, scholarship and service.

As I told President Bush 41 in my remarks at the event, we are honored to bear his name. His passion for service and ours as Aggies so beautifully align and we will do all that we can to be true to his legacy.

Michael K. Young