Aerial view of TAMU

A Gift From Aggies To Aggies


April 23, 2019

Dear students, faculty and staff,

This morning it was my pleasure to dedicate Spirit Plaza, right in the heart of our beautiful College Station campus.

Located between the YMCA Building and the Coke Building, it describes in loving detail, four of our greatest sources of pride: Muster, Silver Taps, the Aggie Code of Honor and Core Values.

One marker features a replica of a letter handwritten by Fish Donald Coward '72 to his parents about his first Silver Taps in the fall of 1968. He wrote, "I've experienced tonight what A&M is all about…Mother and Dad, we're one big family up here and now I know what it means to be an Aggie." Only a few short weeks after he wrote the letter, Donald and two other cadets – John Groves '69 and George Reynolds '72 – were killed in an auto accident. Later that fall, they were themselves honored at Silver Taps. The letter has been read to incoming freshmen for many years now to portray the strong bonds of the Aggie Family.

Spirit Plaza is a gift from the Class of '69 in celebration of its 50th reunion this year. The Classes of '72, '91, '95 and 2019 also are involved in the project. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

I look forward to seeing current and former students, faculty, staff and visitors alike enjoying the Plaza and reflecting on its heartfelt meaning for all Aggies.

Thanks and Gig 'em,
Michael K. Young