Messages from the President

Texas A&M Recognized Nationally for the Value it Delivers

July 26, 2017

At Texas A&M, our mission is to provide students with the highest quality programs and transformative experiences inside and outside of the classroom in order to prepare each individual for roles of responsibility in service to society. We have outstanding faculty and staff who mentor and support our students in this regard and a student body that demonstrates a firm commitment to discovery, innovation and service. It is an honor to witness this daily.

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Andy Morriss Asked to Lead Creation of I-School

June 21, 2017

Texas A&M University plans to launch a new initiative this fall: the School of Innovation, or “I-School” to further enhance the transformative learning, discovery and impacts of our efforts in creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation across our University. Dean Andrew Morriss of the Texas A&M School of Law has agreed to lead the initiative.

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Texas A&M to Name New Provost and Executive Vice President

June 19, 2017

We are pleased to announce, based on the recommendation of the search advisory committee, feedback from faculty and staff who participated in the search process and personal evaluation, Dr. Carol A. Fierke, a noted scholar and academic leader from the University of Michigan, has been recommended to the Board of Regents to be named provost and executive vice president at Texas A&M University.  The Board will meet in a telephonic meeting later today to discuss this recommendation and other items.

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Exciting News

June 2, 2017

This was an exciting week as we formalized a partnership at Fort Hood with the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center for our College of Medicine students.  Beginning in the fall, students will have the opportunity to engage in clinical rotations onsite at a state-of-the-art facility opened just last year and learn from physicians who treat soldiers, veterans and their families.

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Affirming Our Values

May 17, 2017

I want to affirm my career-long, unwavering support for academic freedom, an essential element to enhance understanding and allow us to come to a closer approximation to the truth.

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Standing For Our Core Values

May 10, 2017

I am writing you tonight with a message that may seem ill-timed given our wonderful graduation ceremonies taking place this week. At the same time, this is a message about Aggies and that for which we stand. As such, I cannot think of a more appropriate time in many ways to write to you in this regard.

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Step In and Stand Up Against Acts of Sexual Violence

April 5, 2017

Real Aggies have been committed to protecting and looking out for each other for over 140 years. When we come together to accomplish something, we give it our all and we become a force for positive change. This spirit of togetherness has certainly been reflected in the significant growth of Step In. Stand Up, our sexual assault awareness and prevention campaign.

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Texas A&M University Names Inaugural Presidential Impact Fellows

March 7, 2017

In support of faculty members who are rising stars in their fields and personify these commitments, President Young and Provost Watson have announced the inaugural class of Presidential Impact Fellows.  Twenty-four faculty members from across Texas A&M University's 16 colleges and schools, two branch campuses and comprehensive University Libraries are being honored with this award.

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Thank You!

February 21, 2017

You deserve to be thanked, and thanked profusely, every day for the work that you do on behalf of this great university. Together with the Division of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness, the University Staff Council, SSC Services for Education and Chartwells, I invite you to attend Staff Appreciation Week.

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Announcing President’s Meritorious Service Award Recipients

February 2, 2017

I am delighted to announce that the recipients of the 2016-2017 President’s Meritorious Service Awards have been selected. As you may recall, a nomination period was held this fall. From the nominations submitted, an anonymous committee, comprised of representatives from across campus, had the difficult task of selecting the award winners from an extraordinary group of nominees. Many thanks to this dedicated committee for their service.

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Response to White House Executive Order Travel Ban

January 30, 2017

Texas A&M University for decades has welcomed students, faculty and staff from countries around the globe. This is a core tenet of who we are and has enhanced our academic excellence immeasurably. The recent news of a travel ban issued by the White House regarding seven countries – Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen - has understandably ignited concerns within our university community.

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Texas A&M at SXSW

January 25, 2017

I am excited to announce that Texas A&M University will be featured through strategic, multidisciplinary programming at South By Southwest (SXSW), March 10 - 15 in Austin, Texas.

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A Resolute Mission

January 18, 2017

For Texas A&M, 2017 is not about changing who we are. Our responsibility to uphold the institution’s core values remains unwavering.  Our mission of selfless service is stronger than ever, ensuring that our founding land-grant heritage remains inextricably part of who we are. And our quest for excellence, fueled by an unparalleled commitment to transformational learning, discovery and innovation, continues to uplift this world-class institution for the benefit of people in Texas and beyond.

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Thank You: Vice Chancellor and Dean Mark Hussey

January 10, 2017

I wish to thank Dr. Mark Hussey for his years of leadership as Vice Chancellor and Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, which included a period as Interim President of the University, following his announcement that he will not seek a third term and will transition to the faculty. He will remain in his current roles as we launch a national search for his successor.

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Happy Holidays

December 16, 2016

Last week, the entire university came together to send a message to the world that put into words and actions the feelings that we share, and did so in a manner better than any few sentences that I could write here.

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December 6, 2016

Your support of each other has captured the national narrative today and placed hate speech firmly in our shadow. Look forward to seeing you tonight at the Aggies United event at 6 p.m.

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“Aggies United” Event Planned for Dec. 6 at Kyle Field

November 29, 2016

In recent days, there has been a significant outpouring of concern by members of the Aggie community and beyond regarding an individual scheduled to speak on campus next week. Students, faculty, staff, former students and members of the community expressed their outrage over the speaker's previously-expressed views and have roundly condemned everything for which he seems to stand.

I strongly agree with those sentiments. I find the views of the organizer - and the speaker he is apparently sponsoring - abhorrent and profoundly antithetical to everything I believe. In my judgment, those views simply have no place in civilized dialogue and conversation.

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We are All Aggies

November 16, 2016

Some of you have expressed concern about protection of students regardless of race, religious preferences, sexual orientation, and/or immigration status in light of the recent election. We want to take the opportunity to reiterate that one of our mandates has been and continues to be just that – to facilitate a supportive, secure learning environment where a diverse student body, faculty and staff can work optimally towards their pursuit of world class education and research in preparing students for their future.

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Celebrate Veterans, Take Part In Campus Activities To Honor Them

November 11, 2016

From a personal perspective, the immense respect I have for veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces stems not only from the extraordinary acts of heroism they demonstrate and the many sacrifices they make, but also from my own experiences as a child whose mother served as a World War II bomber pilot and whose father fought in the Battle of the Bulge. I am also the proud father of children who currently serve our country as members of the Air Force.

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Living Our Core Values

November 10, 2016

A central purpose of education in a democracy is to prepare future citizens who engage thoughtfully and productively for the good of their communities. Public universities have a particular responsibility to help build students’ capacity for civil dialogue and respectful exchange. Texas A&M University’s 140-year-history is filled with the stories of many people who have worked together—even with those with whom they may disagree—to meet the world’s challenges.

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Provost Search Committee

October 14, 2016

I am pleased to announce the creation of the Provost Search Committee. The Committee will engage in a national search to help us fill the critical position of Provost and Executive Vice President. Its membership is listed below. I have asked the Committee to proceed as expeditiously as possible while also broadly consulting the campus community to identify attributes we seek in our next provost. As its work proceeds, please feel free, indeed encouraged to share your thoughts and views with the committee.

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State of the University Address

October 4, 2016

140 years to the day since the birth of this university, I'm thrilled to speak with you about three strategic imperatives that revolve around collaboration. Collaboration not just for the sake of it, but to create a better world.

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September 28, 2016

Recently I announced our new national branding campaign, Fearless on Every Front, which introduces the world to the great contributions that Texas A&M University provides to solving great global challenges.

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Freedom of Expression — Fostering a Fearless Front at Texas A&M University

September 27, 2016

What do you do when you encounter individuals, groups or guest speakers on campus whose beliefs challenge or even directly oppose your own? What if you are the one who embraces a perspective different from others? Do you contribute to an environment of open dialogue, even when you are challenged or you challenge others? If you haven't yet faced these situations at Texas A&M, you will. And, dare I say, you should!

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Announcing National Branding Campaign: “Fearless on Every Front”

September 20, 2016

One of the many things I love about our university is our strong sense of service. Most recently, Washington Monthly ranked Texas A&M #1 in service among more than 300 peer institutions. Whether in our research or when 22,000 are gathered at The Big Event, we are fueled by a commitment to help, create, solve and challenge each other – for the good of the world. We are, simply put, FEARLESS ON EVERY FRONT.

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Celebrating our Student Leaders

September 12, 2016

We are delighted to celebrate and acknowledge Hannah Wimberly, Student Body President; Cecille Sorio, Commander of the Corps of Cadets; and Claire Wimberly for their exceptional service to our student body and the greater Aggie community.

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State Employee Charitable Campaign

September 1, 2016

We have an incredible opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of many Brazos Valley residents through the annual State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC), which kicks off today and lasts through October 31st.

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Thank You to Provost Watson

August 31, 2016

It is with extraordinary gratitude that I thank Dr. Karan Watson for her many years of remarkable service to Texas A&M University. I know Karan has not made her decision to step down from her role as Provost at the end of this academic year lightly, and we will have big shoes to fill, a task we will immediately undertake with appropriate dispatch and care. But in the meantime, please join me in thanking her for her service. This is a time of unprecedented excellence and opportunity for Texas A&M and Karan has been critical in making it so.

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Welcome Back, Students!

August 29, 2016

Howdy! I hope that you are as excited as I am for the year ahead. Perhaps you spent your summer working at businesses, studying abroad, on internship, or found yourself in a lab doing cutting-edge research. I hope that you also had time to relax with family and friends. I want to welcome you back, or for the first time, to Texas A&M University.

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Welcome Back, Staff!

August 29, 2016

Over the past year, I have learned a great deal about Texas A&M and the incredible scholars, thinkers, builders and creators who position us to do such meaningful work, distinguishing this institution as model of educational excellence. I have met with many staff members from across campus, listened to your stories, and it is clear that your contributions help make this university so special. I am excited to meet many more of our devoted staff as this effort to do so is far from over.

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Welcome Back, Faculty!

August 29, 2016

Over the past year, I have learned a great deal about Texas A&M and the incredible scholars, thinkers, builders and creators who position us to do transformational research and teaching, distinguishing this institution as a national model of educational excellence. I have met with many faculty members from across all of our campuses, and listened to you speak about your areas of study. It is abundantly clear that we are not only shaping scholars, but also producing citizens of substance. I am excited to meet many more of you as the effort to do so on my part is far from over.

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Addressing Disrespectful Behavior

August 1, 2016

As you may know, presentations containing insensitive, disrespectful content were given by two coaches at a football “Chalk Talk for Women” event hosted by the Athletic Department. Like many of you who learned of this, I was and remain dismayed, disappointed and angry. This behavior is not who we as Aggies are and is totally unacceptable. To be clear, this is not a females-only concern, but a human one. In fact, the majority of those weighing in with their disdain have been men who are equally as disturbed by the content presented.

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Incident at Local Islamic Community Center

July 7, 2016

We are deeply concerned by police reports that the Islamic Community Center located north of the Texas A&M campus was damaged by gunfire earlier today and are grateful that no one was injured.

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Update from President Michael K. Young on Campus Carry

April 13, 2016

As you know, the 84th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 11, which is effective August 1, 2016, and expands the areas on public university campuses where those with appropriate licenses are authorized to carry concealed handguns. As President of Texas A&M, I am deeply committed to creating the optimal environment for learning, discovery and work. At the same time, as a state institution, we are subject to the demands of the law and will necessarily comply.

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Faculty Forum

April 6, 2016

As scholars, as teachers, as creators and lovers of knowledge, how do we want to contribute to our world and how do we use our platforms within this university as individuals, and as a collective, to influence the future, our world?

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Results of Investigations Regarding Racial Incident on Feb. 9

March 2, 2016

I want to share with the university community the status of the investigations into the racial incident on February 9, 2016, by the Dean of Student Life and University Police Department (UPD). I also want to communicate some of our recent and future actions to further advance and deepen diversity and inclusion on our campus.

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Statement from President Young

February 16, 2016

In the aftermath of the disturbing racist incident that occurred on our campus last week, I believe that our swift action and ongoing efforts to address this matter make it abundantly clear that racism and hate speech have absolutely no place at Texas A&M.

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Additional Comments on Incident

February 12, 2016

Tuesday's incident of hate speech on Texas A&M University's campus was heartbreaking and a disappointment to not only me, but also to our students, faculty, staff and the entire Texas A&M University family.

It is our greatest responsibility to provide a safe environment that fosters the development of thoughts and ideas that will ultimately change the world and solve our great global challenges. The behavior that took place on our campus falls far short of these expectations and will not be tolerated. We are now in the process of an expedited investigation of the incident to enable us to take appropriate action as quickly as possible. We have also reached out and maintained contact with Uplift Education, the group whose students experienced this inappropriate exchange.

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Tremendous Disappointment Regarding Racial Slur Incident On Campus

February 10, 2016

I am outraged and tremendously disappointed in the behavior displayed by a group of students on our College Station campus yesterday – one in which a group of ethnic minority high school students from the Dallas area reported that racial slurs were directed toward them during their campus tour. I deeply regret the pain and hurt feelings this incident caused these young students.  Be assured that we take such allegations very seriously. Our police department responded to the scene following the reported incident and we are currently fully assessing it. In addition, we had administrators and students from campus who met with our visiting guests to assure them that they are welcome and respected by the vast majority of Aggies. This troubling incident will be thoroughly investigated to the fullest extent possible and appropriate action will be taken.

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2016 PMSA

February 1, 2016

I am delighted to announce the recipients of the 2015-2016 President's Meritorious Service Awards.  As you may recall, a nomination period was held this fall. From the nominations submitted, an anonymous committee, comprised of representatives from across campus, had the difficult task of selecting the award winners from an extraordinary group of nominees. Many thanks to this dedicated committee for their service.

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Holiday Message

December 17, 2015

As the semester winds down and the holidays approach, Marti and I want to say a joyous and heartfelt "thank you" to each of you for being part of this thriving, warm, generous and extraordinarily capable campus community, vibrant with hands and faces and voices representing hundreds of cultures, aspirations and areas of scholarship, each working fearlessly toward the single goal of making this world better for all.

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Lead by Example

November 5, 2015

Faculty and staff across campus have been hard at work for many months on the Lead By Example comprehensive campaign, and I thank you.

This afternoon, I briefed local and state media and informed them of our fundraising goal of $4 billion over the next five years. Eighty-five percent of this amount will be used in support of academic excellence and expansion of research. This goal will be publicly announced on Saturday.

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Campus Carry

October 15, 2015

This spring, the 84th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 11 (SB 11), which expands the areas on public university campuses where those with licenses may carry concealed handguns.

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Message on Sexual Assault Survey

October 5, 2015

The Association of American Universities, which comprises the 62 top research universities in the United States and Canada, recently released the results of its campus climate survey on sexual assault and sexual misconduct at 27 of its member campuses.

This survey makes clear that, compared to our counterparts across the country, Texas A&M fares very well. Our news release can be found at Texas A&M Today.

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Step In. Stand Up. Announcement

September 16, 2015

Our highest priority at Texas A&M is to provide a safe and welcoming campus where our students can grow and develop as leaders. To that end, we are firmly committed to working together on campus and throughout Bryan-College Station.

This includes coming together to prevent and respond to one of the most serious issues of our time: sexual violence. When one of us is harmed through sexual violence, each of us is harmed. Even one such incident is too many.

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Message to Texas A&M Students

August 31, 2015

Howdy! I hope you’re as excited as I am about the year ahead. These are historic times for us, and on this first day of the academic year I’d like to share three reasons in particular with you.

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Message to Texas A&M Staff

August 31, 2015

Please accept my deepest appreciation for your warm welcome to Marti and me, and for all that you do, day in and day out, to help Texas A&M fulfill our broad missions of teaching, research and outreach.

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Message to Texas A&M Faculty

August 31, 2015

As we launch another academic year, I want to let you know how much I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you during my visits to each college and look forward to the few remaining college visits this semester.

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Introduction Letter to Students

May 1, 2015

In the early days of our interest in Texas A&M University, we visited the College Station campus a few times. Our first visit was jam-packed with meetings and tours beginning in the very early mornings and lasting until well after dinnertime. It was admittedly exhausting and yet remarkably energizing.

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Introduction Letter to Staff

May 1, 2015

It is important to me that you know how much Marti and I value your support and dedication to this great university's teaching and research missions. We understand wholeheartedly and see your commitment to keeping this complex and exceptional institution operating at such extraordinary levels. We look forward to working together with you as we all help this university on its amazing trajectory.

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Introduction Letter to Faculty

May 1, 2015

On this, my first day as President of this very important university, I want to convey my deep appreciation for you, and all that you have done to help this institution earn its standing in the world. Your commitment to excellence and integrity are, in no small way, why Marti and I find ourselves here with you at Texas A&M.

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